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for emerging markets

Our solution saves 90% of build time and cost


A better way to grow your business

Reach and Convert more customers anywhere with our digital solutions

  • Competitive Fees

    High transaction fees associated with digital payments impede the digital inclusion agenda. We are offering lower fees as compared to our competitiors

  • More Convenience

    Digital payments are becoming the preferred choice of payment for goods and services. We are offering many more easy payment channels that lead to higher customer conversion rates

  • 95%+ Success Rate

    Payment systems are core to the success of digital businesses. Our seamless architecture promises over 95% + uptime and faster real-time transactions

  • SME Digi-Payment Partnership Program

    SMEs form more than 90% of businesses in Africa yet there are many barriers to digitization. Eligible SMEs receive flexible terms of services and support tailored to their business needs.


  • 15+ African Countries
    Start accepting cross-border payments now...

No Hidden Fees
Fee per Mobile Money Transaction
Fee per Debit Card Transaction
10 cedis
Flat Fee per Instant Bank Transfer
10 cents
Fee per $ for Virtual Card Funding
  • Developer First

    The world’s most powerful and easy-to-use APIs in a Box

    We believe that payments is a problem rooted in code, not finance. We obsessively seek out elegant, composable abstractions that enable robust, scalable, flexible integrations. Because we eliminate needless complexity and extraneous details, you can get up and running in minutes.